a PERFECT Foundationis the most IMPORTANT step for You 

It's a very important and  essential step to enter in this creative world. In this course, we would guide students and help them to develop their basic skills required in the field of Art & Design.


We do not have any age limit set for this course. Any individual with a desire to learn some creative skills is welcome. We have also designed this course to accommodate students wishing to join any Fine Art, Design, Architecture Colleges. 

Course Covers

Drawing & Sketching


Basic Fundamentals

Drawing Fundamentals

Advance Drawing Techniques

Difference between Drawing and Sketching

Proportion and Composition

Balance Techniques

Perspective Fundamental

Perspective Advance

Different Perspective Angels  

Memory Drawings

3D Object Visualization

Different Eye Views Drawing (ant, birds, bat, fish others)

Still Life

Sequential Drawing

Futuristic Drawing

Conventional and Unconventional Drawing


Figure Drawing Fundamentals

Figure Drawing Advance

Figure Drawing with action

Figure Composition

Live Model Study

Outdoor Study (landscape, cityscape, outdoor sketchingetc.)

Colour & Mediums


Colour Theory

Colour Wheel

Colour Composition

Understanding Pigments

Colour Psychology

Color arrangement

Light and Shadow

Study of Materials (woods, steel, glass, cloth etc.)

Pencil Shading (graphite)

Woodless Pencil Handling

Colour Pencil



Soft Pastel

Pen & Ink

Waterproof Ink

Water Colour

Poster Colour



Other Experimental Medium

Creative Enhancement


Imagination & Observation

Design Principals

Analytical Ability  

Element of Design

Optical Illusion

Logo Design

Poster Design

Color & Design concepts

Scale & Proportions

Inspirational Designs

Creative thinking 

Cartoon & Caricature

Communication Design


Pattern Design and Motifs

Craft Skills

Development of 3D models



Basic Understanding of all Design Courses

Basic Photography

Basic Computer




It Helps You to Build Your Dreams to be a Designer in a Strong Ground of Creative Understanding.

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