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Water Colour Classes


The term "watercolor" most often refers to traditional transparent watercolor or gouache (an opaque form of the same paint), but also includes the use of thinned acrylic paint and poster colors. Water color can be a tricky medium to master. Painting in watercolours is essentially quite different than painting in oils. Oils being an opaque medium, colors form layers as and when applied. If form or composition is found to be incorrect or a color scheme has gone wrong, it is possible to mend one’s work by simply re-painting just that particular patch. There is no such possibility in watercolours. Hence, mastering watercolor requires a lot of practice and patience.

The intention of our classes is to provide basic painting skills and to also move you beyond fundamental techniques; to help you explore the endless possibilities of creating art through painting in your own unique aesthetics.

We intend to help you to develop your own unique way of creating paintings to express your imagination, intuition, and powers of observation.

However, we believe that each student should learn basics of drawing and sketching before continuing with their chosen art/craft form. Hence, we commence with basic classes and then students are free to explore their choices.

Foundation & Basics:
(a) Basic Fundamentals (b) Line Drawing (c) Composition (d) Perspective (e) Pencil Shading (f) Object Drawing (g) Still Life (h) Figure Study Part 1 (i) Light & Shadow

Water Color : (a) Life study (b) Still life (c) Object study (d) Landscape (e) Tree study (f) Leaf study (g) Portrait (h) Drapery study (i) Techniques (j) Shading (k) Composition (l) Perspective (m) flower study

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