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Soft Pastel Classes


Soft Pastels produce brilliant colors and you can paint without needing paintbrushes, solvents or a palette. All you really need to get started are some pastel sticks and a sheet of paper. No other medium allows you to apply rich color as quickly as you can with pastels. Pastels are made from pure pigments and chalk bound with gum and moulded into square or round sticks. They come in three grades – soft, medium and hard - the soft grade containing more pigment and less gum.

Through rigorous exercises, we help you to develop your own unique way of creating paintings to express your imagination, intuition, and powers of observation.

These exercises will include color theory, perspective, composition and how to create basic skin tones, and color perspective and composition. The exercises and lessons can help the experienced artist and the beginner develop new or improved painting techniques which help him/her in the long run.

However, we believe that each student should learn basics of drawing and sketching before continuing with their chosen art/craft form. Hence, we commence with basic classes and then students are free to explore their choices.

Foundation & Basics: (a) Basic Fundamentals (b) Line Drawing (c) Composition (d) Perspective (e) Pencil Shading (f) Object Drawing (g) Still Life (h) Figure Study Part 1 (i) Light & Shadow

Soft Pastel: (a) Life study (b) Still life (c) Object study (d) Landscape (e) Tree study (f) Leaf study (g) Portrait (h) Drapery study (i) Techniques (j) Shading (k) Composition (l) Perspective (m) flower study etc.

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