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Professional Art Classes


Art is a creative form to unravel the mystery behind our inner self. Whatever piece of art work we learn and produce contains our hidden feelings, state of mind and personality traits. It is actually fun to visualize our real self through art and improving on the flawed characteristics. Hence we say learning any form of art helps an individual in his overall development. We start viewing things differently and more positively.

We have mentored many individuals, who have fulfilled their parental duties, their social and economic obligations and now wish to immerse themselves in the world of art and colors. They have a passionate desire to paint their souls on the canvas and let the world know who they really are and how they view the outer world. They acquire a new style and their lives take a new direction, different from their mundane existence. Many believe they have achieved their true calling in life. It’s a discovery of a new person within themselves. This isn't restricted to Indian nationals alone. We also have foreign nationals following the path of self-discovery through Art. We train them depending on their strengths and weaknesses, and once they are ready with the kind of artwork that can be exhibited, we help them with their exhibitions at various prestigious galleries. However, we do not encourage copying ideas from the internet; since it’s an offence and if caught can lead to legal implications. Instead, we allow our students to be more open about their ideas and guide them with their implementation on the canvas. Using images from the net as reference is allowed to an extent, but copying the entire image is not supported by us.

Many of our talented and dedicated students have become professional artists in their own right and have been successfully holding exhibitions (group, solo etc.) and participating at various Art Festivals. These kinds of exhibitions are extremely motivational for them since they have also successfully sold their works which challenges them to further their creative potential.

Together, we all have formed a rocking team. Led by Sunando and Dr. Paromita Basu with their mentoring, curating, friendship, co-exhibitor, we have created one big fat Art family. Some of our students have clearly been successful to achieve their dreams of being a better human being along with growing as an artist in their own right. In a similar manner, if art is introduced to children at an early age, it helps them in their emotional, social and intellectual development. It acts as a catalyst in opening up their inner world and communicate better with the outside world.

However, we believe that each student should learn basics of drawing and sketching before continuing with their chosen art/craft form. Hence, we commence with basic classes and then students are free to explore their choices.

Foundation & Basics: (a) Basic Fundamentals (b) Line Drawing (c) Composition (d) Perspective (e) Pencil Shading (f) Object Drawing (g) Still Life (h) Figure Study Part 1 (i) Light & Shadow

Introduction of Mediums: (a) Watercolors – (Still Life, Portraits, Figure Study, Landscape) (b) Charcoal - (Still Life, Portraits, Figure Study, Landscape) (c)Soft-pastels - (Still Life, Portraits, Figure Study, Landscape)

Introduction of Oil:
(a) Basic techniques of oil painting (b) Brush strokes (c)Shading (d) Different “isms” (Part 1) (e) Still Life (f) Landscape (g) Portrait and Figure Study (h) Composition

Introduction of Acrylic:
(a) Basic Techniques of Acrylic (b) Brush Strokes (c) Shading (d)Texture Making (e) Different type of Abstract Paintings (Part 1) (f) Composition (g) Landscape (h) Still Life

Developing of your Style: (a) Searching your inner self (b) Explaining your own work (c) Developing a theme (d) Putting together a theme work (e) Creating your own style

Enhancing Creativity:
(a) Color Therapy (b) Abstract Painting (Part 2) (c) Different “isms” (Part 2) (d) Imaginative Painting (e) Developing a Layout (f) Painting your dreams.

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