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Pearl Academy Entrance Exam Preparation

Pearl Academy is a private higher education institute in India, offering undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma courses in design, fashion and business.



Fashion Design I Fashion Styling & Image Design I Fashion Media Communication I Communication Design (Graphic, Interaction & Digital) I Interior Architecture & Design I Product Design I Lifestyle Accessory Design I Fashion & Lifestyle Business Management I Global Luxury Brands Management I Fashion & Lifestyle E-Commerce I Journalism & Mass Communication I

Fashion Design I Fashion Styling & Image Design I Fashion Communication I Communication Design I Interior Design & Styling I Fashion Business – Marketing & Merchandising I Luxury Brands I

Fashion Media Make-up I Fashion Women’s Wear I Styling for Interiors I Professional Photography I

Fashion Design I Graphic Design & Advertising I Photography I Styling & Grooming I Interior Decoration I Journalism I Event Management I Apparel Merchandising I

PR and Events

Design (Fashion & Textiles) I Fashion Marketing I

Pearl Academy of Fashion Admission 2016-17 session will be done in three cycles. Admissions in Undergraduate, Post Graduate and Diploma courses offered by the academy will be done on the basis of a written exam followed by personal interview.

Admission                            Cycle Exam                                                      Status

Cycle 1                                 January 2016                                            Result Announced

Cycle 2                                April 2016                                                  Result Announced

Cycle 3                                June 2016                                  Exam Schedule Announced


There are two stages for admission into the Academy:

Stage 1: Written Admission Test.

Stage 2: Personal Interview (including portfolio evaluation /material handling skills test for Design streams).

This stage consists of two tests namely General Proficiency Test (GPT) and Design Aptitude Test (DAT).

General Proficiency Test (GPT) is administered to judge a students’ proficiency in the English language (comprehension, vocabulary and expression), Language Ability, Logical reasoning, Quantitative ability, Data Interpretation, basic Mathematics, etc.

Design Aptitude Test (DAT) examines a students’ aptitude for creativity, drawing, design ability, power of observation and imagination, sensitivity to environment and communication skills.

STAGE 2: PERSONAL INTERVIEW (including portfolio evaluation/material handling skills test for Design streams):

A student is judged on various parameters namely:
Career Focus
Maturity & Confidence
General Awareness, Creative and Lateral Thinking
Ability to Analyze / Logical Reasoning
Intellectual / Creative Ability
Portfolio evaluation
Material Handling Skills (for Design streams)

Your portfolio is the most important aspect of your application. Your portfolio should show a selection of your best, recent artwork or design. Your portfolio work should reflect your ideas, interests, experience and abilities in design or art field to date. It should also reflect your personality. Work presented can be in any media (including film or video), in finished or sketch form and the result of an assigned project or a self-directed exploration.

For more information on portfolio works please click on the link below:

Key Features of our program:
Creative thinking, Logical Thinking, Design Drawing, Design Detailing, Design Awareness, Visual Perception Ability, Communication Skills.

It is a competitive world out there today, and everybody strives to be the best and achieve the best. We, at key art classes also wish the same for our students. Nothing would give us more pleasure than seeing our students achieve professional and academic success through our guidance. Armed with the knowledge of exam patterns of various national and international colleges, we guide students and enhance their creative abilities to achieve the best. We also hold theory classes to give them an overall knowledge of the subject. Below is the step by step process designed by us to prepare students for their entrance exams: 

Basic Foundation I Drawing Fundamentals I Imagination & Observation I Introduction to basic design & interiors I Perspective, Proportion and Composition I Organizational Principles I Product Designing I Cartoon & Caricature I Communication Design & Lettering (Basics) I Color & Design concepts I Pattern Design and Motifs I Scale & Proportions I Memory Drawing I Inspirational Designs I Craft Skills I Development of 3D models I Color creativity I Color arrangement I Imagination, Illustration and Creation I Presentation I Creative thinking I Creative writing I Model study I Animation I Mediums required for the exam I Practical Question & Answer session I Theory class (GK, History of Art, Maths, English and logical questions) I Mock test I

This process helps students to face their entrance exams more confidently. We alter the teaching syllabus according to individual needs. For eg: college syllabus for art would be different from architecture, hence we prepare students depending on their choice of stream.

Below is the step by step guide to prepare students for PEARL ACADEMY exams.
General Knowledge I Logical Ability Test I Maths I English I Current Affairs I Memory Drawing I Composition I Perspective I Still Life I Figure Study I Creative Ability Test I General Ability Test I Managerial Ability Test I Mock Test I Fashion Illustration I Fashion Figures I Group Discussion I Information about Applied Art I Information about Campaigning I Memory drawing I Detailed Figure Study I Composition I Perspective I Lettering I Copy Writing I Color & Design Concepts I Product Designing I Learn about watercolors, poster colors, waterproof Ink I General Ability Test I Creative Ability Test I Mock Tests I Architectural Drawing I 3D Object Study I Shading in different Texture in different objects I Eye Level Drawings (Varied positions) I History of Architecture I Logical Reasoning I English I Scale & Proportions I Architectural Awareness I Analytical Reasoning I Mental Ability I Basic Design & Interior I Visualization I Furniture Drawing I Imagination I Craft Skills

Preparatory Books:
We also provide our students with preparatory books which further guides them on how to solve exam papers. It consists of previous years question papers. We also have theory books on History of Art, English, Maths, GK etc.

Through rigorous practice sessions we ensure our students are well prepared for the tough questions expected in the entrance examinations. Our teaching methods are designed to increase visualization and creative skills. Students are taught to generate innovative ideas in keeping with the needs of the global creative industry. Students are further encouraged to observe, understand, debate, question, discover new ideas and develop skill sets. We also ensure individual attention since each student comes with different set of skills which need to be nurtured differently. Mock tests and interviews are conducted to mentally prepare students for their upcoming exams.

For more information please contact us on:
 +91-9891837209 or +91-9891619865.