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NIFT Situation Test

National Institute of Fashion Technology was set up in the year 1986 under the aegis of Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. Through its 15 professionally managed campuses, National Institute of Fashion Technology provides a framework to ensure that prospective students from different parts of the country achieve their highest potential through the programmes offered.

NIFT offers four-year bachelor and two-year master programmes in the areas of Design, Management and Technology.

Shortlisted candidates for B. Des from the written entrance examination are required to take a Situation Test which is a hands-on test to evaluate the candidate’s skills for material handling and innovative ability on a given situation with a given set of materials.

No additional material will be provided / allowed.

The model will be evaluated on space visualization, innovative and creative use of given material, composition of elements, colour scheme, construction skill, finesse of the model and overall presentation etc. These parameters will be checked with the write up explaining the concept behind the model constructed. Since the medium of instruction in NIFT is English, the write-up will be in English. No marks will be given for write-up in any other language.

The use of outside/additional material in making the model/design is not permitted. The evaluation of the test will be done by the Jury on the spot. The model will not be preserved for future reference.

Key Features of our program:
Creative thinking, Logical Thinking, Design Drawing, Design Detailing, Design Awareness, Visual Perception Ability, Communication Skills.

At Key Art Classes, we prepare students for situation tests by teaching them how to make models and making them practice model making by using creative and logical thinking. They are made to undergo several practice sessions until the required parameters are fulfilled. Students are also made to solve previous years question papers under the stipulated time period.

Situation Tests makes it mandatory for students to provide a concept note on the model created. Hence, we teach students how to communicate their concept directly and accurately without it coming across as lengthy.

We ensure the models created by the students and the concept behind it has a global appeal in the creative industry. 

For more information please contact us on:
 +91-9891837209 or +91-9891619865.