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NAFA Entrance Exam Preparation

Established in 1938, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) is Singapore’s pioneer arts institution. It’s a widely recognized institute in Southeast Asia and its reputation is founded on its innovative curriculum and diverse artistic creations. NAFA has a student-centric learning environment. NAFA’s cultural diversity brings about a global arts environment for their students


Term/Semester                                From                                         To

Orientation                                13 July 2015                             19 July 2015 

1st Semester                            20 July 2015                          22 November 2015 

Vacation                                 23 November 2015                      3 January 2016 

2nd Semester                           4 January 2016                            8 May 2016 

Vacation                                     9 May 2016                                17 July 2016 

The curricula of all their diploma courses are structured for a study period of 3 years.
However, students who fail to meet any of the following requirements at the end of an
academic year will not be allowed to continue their studies at NAFA:
  • To attain at least 30 credits by the end of the 1st candidature year.
  • To attain at least 60 credits by the end of the 2nd candidature year.
  • To attain at least 90 credits by the end of the 3rd candidature year.
  • To pass every module within 3 attempts.
3D Design: Diploma in Design Furniture & Spatial • Diploma in Design Object & Jewellery • Diploma in Design Interior & Exhibition • Diploma in Design Landscape & Architecture Potential Careers: • Account Executive • Architectural Assistant • Enamellist • Environment Designer • Event Planner • Exhibition Designer • Furniture Designer • Gemmologist • Gifts/Premiums Designer • Interior Designer • Jewellery Designer • Landscape Designer • Lighting Designer • Merchandise Designer • Model Maker • Object Designer • Project Coordinator • Product Designer • Product Executive • Product & Marketing Executive • Sales Designer • Space Planner • Stage/Theatre Designer • Stylist • Technical Designer • Trends Analyst • Urban Planning Assistant • Visual Merchandiser • 3D Designer • 3D Modeller • 3D Mold-maker • 3D Visualiser

Arts Management:
Potential Careers: • Artistic Director • Arts Administrator • Arts Consultant • Business Manager • Community Liaison Manager • Concerts and Events Manager • Curator • Events and Exhibitions Coordinator • Festival Organiser • Fundraising and Philanthropy Manager • Marketing and Advertising Personnel • Museum Executive • Performing Arts Manager • Stage and Production Manager

Potential Careers:
• Creator/Choreographer • Dance Administrator • Dance Movement Therapist • Dance Researcher/Writer • Dance Stage Manager/ Production Assistant • Dance Teacher/Instructor • Performer/Dancer

Design & Media:
• Diploma in Advertising • Diploma in Graphic Communication • Diploma in Illustration Design with Animation • Diploma in Screen Media

Potential Careers : • Account/Media Executive • Art Director • Art Educator • Branding Designer • Character Designer • Concept Artist • Copywriter • Digital Illustrator • Film Producer • Graphic Designer • Illustrator • Motion Graphics Designer • Packaging Designer • Photographer • Scriptwriter • Storyboard Artist • Video Editor • Videographer • Video Producer • Visualiser • Web Designer • 2D Animator • 3D Animator

Fashion Studies:
• Diploma in Fashion Design • Diploma in Fashion Merchandising & Marketing
Potential Careers : • Design Coordinator • Digital Fashion/Website Designer • Entrepreneur • Fashion Designer/Design Developer • Fashion Film/Television Producer • Fashion Researcher • Fashion Photographer and Stylist • Fashion Technologist/Sourcer • Media and Events Planner • Pattern Maker • Product Developer • Public Relations/Promotions Executive • Retail Management Executive • Visual Merchandiser

Fine Art:
• Diploma in Fine Art • Diploma in Art Teaching
Potential Careers: • Art Administrator • Art Consultant • Art Director • Art Photographer • Art Service Provider • Artist Technician • Curator • Display Artist • Fine Art Artist • Fine Art Teacher • Illustrator

• Diploma in Music • Diploma in Music Teaching
Potential Careers : • Administrator for Music School • Choir Director • Collaborative Pianist • Composer • Concert Musician • Conductor • Music Arranger • Music Teacher • Orchestra Musician • Performer

• Diploma in Theatre English Drama • Diploma in Theatre Mandarin Drama
Potential Careers: • Actor • Drama Teacher • Technical Theatre Practitioner • Theatre Designer

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) 3D Design: New Practice.
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Spatial Design
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Graphic Communication
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Fine Art
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Fashion
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Fashion & Marketing
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Creative Industry Management
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Theatre Arts
Bachelor of Music with Honours


Portfolio also plays an important role in the admission process for NAFA. Your portfolio should consist of works in different media for a better analysis of your creative potential. It should reflect your personality, interests, experience and competencies in art and design. It should also reflect your personality. Work presented can be in any media (including film or video), in finished or sketch form and the result of an assigned project or a self-directed exploration. 

For more information on portfolio works please click on the link below:

Key Features of our program:
Creative thinking, Logical Thinking, Design Drawing, Design Detailing, Design Awareness, Visual Perception Ability, Communication Skills.

It is a competitive world out there today, and everybody strives to be the best and achieve the best. We, at key art classes also wish the same for our students. Nothing would give us more pleasure than seeing our students achieve professional and academic success through our guidance. Armed with the knowledge of exam patterns of various national and international colleges, we guide students and enhance their creative abilities to achieve the best. We also hold theory classes to give them an overall knowledge of the subject. Below is the step by step process designed by us to prepare students for their entrance exams:

Basic Foundation I Drawing Fundamentals I Imagination & Observation IIntroduction to basic design & interiors I Perspective, Proportion and Composition I Organizational Principles I Product Designing I Cartoon & Caricature I Communication Design & Lettering (Basics) I Color & Design concepts I Pattern Design and Motifs I Scale & Proportions I Memory Drawing IInspirational Designs I Craft Skills I Development of 3D models I Color creativity I Color arrangement I Imagination, Illustration and Creation IPresentation I Creative thinking I Creative writing I Model study I Animation IMediums required for the exam I Practical Question & Answer session Theory class (GK, History of Art, Maths, English and logical questions) I Mock test

This process helps students to face their entrance exams more confidently. We alter the teaching syllabus according to individual needs. For eg: college syllabus for art would be different from architecture, hence we prepare students depending on their choice of stream.

Below is the step by step guide to prepare students for NAFA exams.

General knowledge      Current Affairs    I    History of Art      Meaning & Application of Colors    I  Color Mediums (Water color, Pencil shading (Graphite)Shading Detailed Figure Study    I    Memory Drawing      Still Life    I    Composition      Perspective    I   Information about Applied Art      Information about Campaigning      I    Memory drawing       I    Detailed Figure Study   I   Lettering       I    Copy Writing       I    Color & Design Concepts   I    Product Designing      Learn about watercolors, poster colors, waterproof Ink    Logical Ability Test      Maths    I    English    I    Current Affairs      Memory Drawing      Figure Study I Managerial Ability Test    Fashion Illustration    I    Fashion Figures I Basic Design & Interior      Object Study    Visualization    I    3D Object Study    I    Memory Drawing      Furniture Drawing      Imagination    I    Craft Skills  I  Architectural Drawing   I Shading in different Texture in different objects    I    Eye Level Drawings (Varied positions)    I    History of Architecture    I    General Knowledge    I    Logical Reasoning I English I Scale & Proportions    I    Architectural Awareness    I    Analytical Reasoning    I    Mental Ability  I History of Animation    I    Cartoon & Caricature    I    Illustration    I    Figure Study    I    Expression Drawing      I    Dialogue & Script   I   Writing    I    Story Making    I    Script Drawing    I    Perspective    I    Composition    I    Color & Design Concepts    I    Learning about Watercolors, Photocolors, Waterproof Ink    I    General Ability Test    I    Creative Ability Test    I    Mock Tests

Preparatory Books:
We also provide our students with preparatory books which further guides them on how to solve exam papers. It consists of previous years question papers. We also provide theory books on History of Art, English, Maths, GK etc.

Through rigorous practice sessions we ensure our students are well prepared for the tough questions expected in the entrance examinations. Our teaching methods are designed to increase visualization and creative skills. Students are taught to generate innovative ideas in keeping with the needs of the global creative industry. Students are further encouraged to observe, understand, debate, question, discover new ideas and develop skill sets. We also ensure individual attention since each student comes with different set of skills which need to be nurtured differently. Mock tests and interviews are conducted to mentally prepare students for their upcoming exams.

For more information please contact us on:

+91-9891837209 or +91-9891619865.