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Indian Colleges Portfolio for (U/G & P/G)

Indian Colleges Portfolio for (UG/PG)

In today’s competitive world, with sky-high cut-off marks in every subject and discipline the chance of getting into any college or institution of repute is becoming increasingly difficult. That’s why one needs to prepare well and perform excellently in the admission tests to secure an admission.  

Requirement for high quality portfolios arise during the selection process. Some of the well- known colleges and institutions such as NID, Pearl Academy, Shrishti, MIT and others assess and hold interviews with the candidate in IInd phase of their exam where an impressive portfolio is required.

We help the student to develop their portfolio in a such a manner that it relates to their own unique style helping them make a strong impression in the interview. With the portfolio we also guide the students as to how they can present their portfolio and also conduct themselves in front of the selectors, helping them to qualify for admission in the College. 

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