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Guidance for Fine Arts Students in 11th & 12th grade.

Guidance for Fine Arts Students in 11th & 12th Grade Portfolio & 

History of Art Theory

There are mainly three types of board in Delhi namely are C.B.S.E, I B and ICSE. As students’ progress from the 10th to the 11th Class/standard they can opt for Fine Art or Commercial Art or Fashion Design,
3 different course options as provided by the school.  All 3 boards have Fine Art related courses which include both theory and practical.

We help the students to excel in all of the 3 boards. With our guidance the students are able to deliver what is required according to the board guidelines. We assist them to make their portfolios which they then have to submit to the school. A complete understanding of the subject and history of art is also provided by us so that they can secure more marks. We build up their confidence so that can shine in their board exam.  

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