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Portfolio for Design Communication Colleges

Communication Design is a creative process of visually communicating ideas and messages. A Communication Designer needs to present visual solutions to a clients' communication problems which requires intellectual, technical and creative input. At Key Art Classes: 
Students are taught to generate innovative ideas in keeping with the needs of the global creative industry.
They are encouraged to observe, understand, debate, question, discover new ideas and develop skill sets.
This helps them to effectively communicate clients' needs through a fundamental design process in their professional careers.

Graphic Designer, Art Director, Copywriter, Illustrator, Visualizer etc.

NID, NIFT, Pearl, Shrishti, FIT, St. Martins, London School of Art, Parsons, Lasalle and many more.

Portfolio is a collection of Art works (2D works & 3D models) made by students which reflects one’s personality and individuality. In a broader sense, colleges need to assess a student’s creative ability before granting them admissions. They can only do this by going through art works done by students submitted to them. Hence it is extremely important that a portfolio be made with original and creative ideas and not be a copied one. Entrance examination and portfolios go hand in hand. Almost 99% of international colleges have made portfolio submission a mandatory requirement. In India around 70% colleges demand the same. Hence, it’s a very crucial factor which cannot be taken lightly. We understand its importance in a student’s career and hence guide them accordingly. However, we do not encourage copying ideas from the internet for your portfolio. Normally, all colleges scan your works to check plagiarism, and if your works are found to be copied, your application can be rejected and you can also be barred from applying again. Hence, we emphasize on submitting original works, for which we ensure students undergo rigorous training to improve their drawing and creative skills.

Normally, most of the international colleges come to India in the month of November for interviews. During these interviews, students are required to submit their completed portfolio’s for assessment. In such a scenario, it’s best for students to finish their portfolio in the month of June, during holidays, wherein they get enough time to get creative without worrying about exams and studies. Once the portfolio is completed, they can relax and focus on their Boards and various entrance exams again. If for some reason, students are unable to attend classes in June, they can also avail of the weekend classes for Portfolio or can attend classes after school during weekdays.



  1. Size A4 or A3 or A2 
  2. Presentation format or simply individual samples of the work. 
  3. This format works well for the design disciplines in which presentation or project formats are appropriate. 
  4. Copies of sketchbook can be included in this format along with the portfolio.
We prepare PowerPoint presentation according to a student’s taste and college requirements.

Film Applicants: DVD
  1. Applicants can also provide a DVD. DVDs should be properly authored with working menus for multiple pieces.
Original Work:
You can make a portfolio of original work. The works can be presented in a File or Folder format.

Selection of works – Variety of Creative works to be included, although no limitation is there for the quantity of works.

Description of work – The description about the works should be included in the portfolio

Size – although there is no restriction for the size, But a handy size like A4 or A3 or A2 works best

Layout – a neat and clean layout describing the works and giving emphasis on the work rather than on the portfolio.

Terms & Conditions for Portfolio Work: 
  • Full payment will be taken in advance. 
  • If students don’t come to complete their portfolio, then we would not be responsible to complete the work and no money will be refunded. 
  • No extra time will be allotted other than the class timings from 1100hrs till 1700hrs. 
  • Portfolio works will be carried forward only for one extra month. 
  • No changes will be made once a particular portfolio work is done.

For more information please contact us on:
 +91-9891837209 or +91-9891619865.