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Charcoal Classes


Technically, charcoal is burnt organic material usually wood. There are a few types of charcoal used by artists to create a drawing. These types of charcoal include "vine" and "compressed". Vine charcoal usually consists of burnt willow wood. It is easily spread on a surface and is also easy to erase. As a consequence it generally makes a lighter mark when you draw than compressed charcoal and easily smudges.

Learning how to draw with charcoal is just like learning how to draw with any medium. It takes practice. Charcoal drawing is different than drawing with a pencil. Most people are already used to drawing with a pencil, so it may take some time to become accustomed to charcoal.

However, we believe that each student should learn basics of drawing and sketching before continuing with their chosen art/craft form. Hence, before commencing charcoal classes, we would begin with our basic fundamentals course for each student.

Foundation & Basics: (a) Basic Fundamentals (b) Line Drawing (c) Composition (d) Perspective (e) Pencil Shading (f) Object Drawing (g) Still Life (h) Figure Study Part 1 (i) Light & Shadow

Charcoal: (a) Life study (b) Still life (c) Object study (d) Landscape (e) Tree study (f) Leaf study (g) Portrait (h) Drapery study etc. 

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