Foundation Art Course

In this course, we would guide students and help them brush up their basic skills required in the field of Art. We do not have any age limit set for this course.
Any individual with a desire to learn some creative skills is welcome. We have also designed this course to accommodate students wishing to join any Fine Art, 
Design, Architecture, Fashion, Interior and Animation colleges. We teach them basics in each field and then move on to the desired stream chosen by students. 
We believe every individual should be thorough in their basic skills before learning finer courses; hence we have made it mandatory for every person to learn the 
foundation art course. 

This in turn would help them to be the best at whatever they choose to do.

Basic Foundation
Drawing Fundamentals
Imagination & Observation
Introduction to basic design & interiors
Perspective, Proportion and Composition
Organizational Principles
Product Designing
Cartoon & Caricature
Communication Design & Lettering (Basics)
Color & Design concepts
Pattern Design and Motifs
Scale & Proportions
Memory Drawing
Inspirational Designs
Craft Skills
Development of 3D models
Color creativity
Color arrangement
Imagination, Illustration and Creation
Creative thinking 
Creative writing
Model study