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exhibition 3

To Merge - Concept note 

I feel I have always been searching but did not know for what. This feeling led me to yoga and meditation and eventually my guru. After that my search intensified ....and began an inner journey that I had never envisaged....


When I turned to art, I started by painting landscapes, people and real life things. I enjoyed this but somehow it wasn’t enough.  As I mastered this medium and became comfortable with it, suddenly one day something happened. I created an abstract work that somehow expressed this urge in me -  and looking at it moved my being!


I realized that this was what I wanted  - to express my inner yearnings and self in art in works that would move others, and in which they would find their own story ...the way I find my own story in them.  And even if there was no story, that it would touch something, somewhere in them.


All my abstracts reflect my questioning, my yearning for something more, to reach and merge with something beyond the self I know and to become one with it.
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