Art & Relaxation

Yes! This is definitely true. One would think, how to relax while working on a piece of art work?  But it is possible. Normally we are busy in our routine life juggling home and work. Tired with our hectic schedules, our bodies and minds demand a much needed break. Learning an art form and honing your creative abilities gives you a much needed breather in your daily lives. Without any competitive atmosphere, you tend to open up more confidently. This in turn opens up your creative chakra and gives you an ability to view things differently.

Learning anything new develops our curiosity levels. Like a child eager to grasp all the knowledge surrounding him/her. As u learn, you tend to be more patient, calmer and more relaxed than what you would normally be. This infuses fresh energy into your mind and body and you feel rejuvenated. And who knows, you might fall in love with Art and be a professional artist in your own right, giving your career a creative boost.


Line Drawings  I  Sketching  I  Perspective  I  Still life  I  Foliage Study  I  Life Study  I  Composition  I  Landscape  I  Mono Printing  I  Portrait  I  Folk Art  I  Creative paintings  I  Abstract Art  I  Representational paintings  I  Basic Commercial Art  I  Illustration  I  Cartoon  I  Caricature  I  Different isms  I  Reproduction  I  Installation etc.


Collage  I  Decopatch  I  Flower Making  I  Dry Leaf Work  I  Origami  I  Art of Waste Material Recycling  I  Paper Cutting Work  I  Mural  I  Pot Decoration  I  Tile Art  I  Model Making  I  Thermocol Craft  I  News Paper Craft  I  Hand Made Paper Craft  I  Paper Bag Making  I  Glass Painting etc.


Oil  I  Acrylic  I  Water Color  I  Mixed Media  I  Soft Pastel  I  Dry Pastel  I  Oil Pastel   I  Charcoal   I  Ink   I  Pen & Ink   I  Water color crayon   I  Glass Color   I  Conty   I  Water colour pencil   I  Oil Pencil   I  Oil Bar  I  Pastel Pencil  I  Pencil Shading  I  Poster Color  I  Clay  I  Plaster etc.

CHARGES: We charge on monthly basis (2 hrs a day)

Once a  week-3,000

twice a week-6,000

thrice a week-9,000

4 times a week-12,000

5 times a week-15,000